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Welcome to the Morpeth Foxhounds






The Morpeth Hunt

dates from 1818 and is based in

a beautiful area of Northumberland stretching from Newcastle to the South, Otterburn to the North West and almost to Alnwick to the North.



The Hunt meets on Tuesdays, Saturdays and some Thursdays, between late August and March.



Activities we conduct

o  Simulation of hunting by laying a trail across open country and in woodland.

o  Hound exercise where trail hunting may not be suitable.

o  Fox control by request of farmers, landowners and gamekeepers, for the protection of game birds.

We at all times aim to operate within the Law as laid out in the Hunting Act 2005


We are indebted to the landowners and farmers who welcome the Hunt onto their land and strive at all times to respect and abide by their wishes